Single Mindedness!!

When you expand yourself into this dense human form you actually create a state of “single mindedness” not in the sense that you are only doing one thing, as you are not, in any moment you are breathing, thinking, feeling, moving, and so many other things that you are not even aware of.. Cell growth to flying… What we are saying, compared to your Source self, you are focusing on the “human” aspect of living. In this single mindedness you are very aware of the newness of many things, from the growth of a flower to the contrast and expansion of your everyday. Some humans are more aware than others. Regardless of THE AWARENESS the growth and expansion happens anyway… you created it that way and so it is…

We want to really help you understand this value and tremendous power in Being human… many do not give themselves credit and do not feel worthy of their existence here… not from their Source selves from the very “learning”(paradigms) that are brought forth in this physical lifetime… so many of you know the beauty of being Source AND you must understand that as Source your expansion is different… from this perspective (Source) you see everything as vibration AND you KNOW everything as vibration, there is no “newness” that you come to understand as human understands. You can create as Source AND yet, you create with this “single mindedness” on such an awesome level as a human and then you get to actually interact, play with your creations, thus, more expansion… as Source in your human understanding, we already KNOW everything, in human form we would say, I am bored, that is why we focus into our human perspectives. We say this only to help you understand our perspective and yet for humans bored is contrast, for Source it is exhilaration to expand and project into human form to create on a human level that is an adventure, inspired, loving, FEELING, delicious.
You speak of loving food, enjoying the eating of various flavors, experiencing the smells, the taste, texture and as Source it is a pleasure we only perceive through the human experience… exhilaration!
You speak of communicating with others, as Source we are ALWAYS communication, always connected, as humans you are connected, yet allowing yourself the “disconnect” for element of surprise… your words are harsh or loving (contrast), you only have to speak them and you can alter a perception, create an emotion, the very power and beauty of the word is so delicious!
You speak of making friends being connected with other humans, yet you know you are always connected with everything and everybody and as human you can make your choices and create anyone or anything into your experience, simply by thinking a thought and layering the emotions upon it… again creating into your very own experience others who are similar in their thinking, similar in their emotions and as like minds are gathered, there are many groups of “like minds” on many subjects being created by other beings… do you notice now that whatever you are focusing on “shows up” and there are similarities in those things? Who do you think magnetized these things? AH LOVE!
So back to single mindedness, it is you being physically focused, it is youmanifesting, creating, maintaining, breathing… Being in all that there is… now that you are AWARE that you create this… all of this, it truly IS MORE exhilaration AND growth AND expansion… you REALLY KNOW the gift that you give yourself, the give of Being here, the gift of contrast… to grow and expand… the gift of sharing with other energies so that you can co create and share experiences for even greater expansion.
You are amazing humans, we have the aerial view, you do the inspired work so that we can all be in a state of bliss, through your growing, we are all growing, as Source, as humans it IS living life to its fullest…

You are infinitely loved…

Lil’ Nuggets

If you are still looking externally for your answers … the answers are within you
The solutions are truly in each of use… We are self contained on this journey! 

Even when you think you may be alone, you are not. 

You are much more than you think you are and more powerful than you probably give yourself credit. (Do YOU know that you are soooo WORTHY?)

You must focus on what you want in a way that just the thought brings you happiness and ONLY in that happiness you can receive what you want
You can not receive the things you say you want in a state of anger or sadness, for only in that state you create MORE of what you do not want.

“life is a journey, be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”
In Joy!

The Importance of NOW! – In Relation to 2012

When you understand the delay of manifestation, you understand that HOW you FEEL NOW, shows up later, there IS a time delay of a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year. The year 2012 is about change, it is about shifting AND it IS the manifestation of what is being THOUGHT NOW or last week, last year on a collective consciousness level, every physical human being has a part in what IS happening and “what will BE happening”. Ask yourself, how do I FEEL right now? Now take this emotion and project it over the course of a week, a month, a year. IF you “stay” in your current emotional state, this IS what you will get “magnified” in your future! YOU LIVE YOUR FUTURE NOW! You have the ability to changeyour future NOW!
We (yes, you too) are going through an energetic shift that is effecting everything around us, everything in the world, it IS global it is beyond global it is universal, when we can understand this, feel this and realize that it is for our greater good and well being and then truly get excited about the changes, it is then that this awareness becomes MORE! Energetically more and then physically more.

Each individual is energy that is vibrating at a different speed and frequency and that will determine when things show up in your reality. When understanding the “time delay” there is always a gap in between the place that you are and the place that you want to be and in that gap you must become aware of what you are thinking. Are you thinking “it will never show up? or when will “it” show up? These are actually resistant thoughts and these thoughts will push “it” away. 

The questions that come up:
How do I deal with the fears and stresses, the “stuff” of everyday life, how do I “get what I want” and move through this shift with ease and grace?First we must be heart centered, in religion we call this Christ consciousness, in basic terms, look at life and EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you with love, true unconditional loveThis very act creates a peacefulness and calmness that allows you to move through contrast without fear, without anger, without hatred and it is a process of forward movement. When you see through “the eyes” of unconditional love, you release judgements, fear, frustration, anxiety and you allow and in this allowing you actually let “the stuff” flow through you and not get “stuck” in you. I call this the “mucky muck”. Basically “don’t get stuck in the mucky muck”!

Do I negate all of my feelings such as anger frustrations, fear and anxiety?No, not exactly, as we have these emotions for a very good reason. They are emotions to let us know that we are not going in the direction of peace and happiness which are “higher vibrations” and these “negative” emotions are to be experienced, as with all contrast, without these “negative” emotions, you would not know the opposite emotions such as joy and happiness, peace, etc. 
The idea is not to stay in the “contrasty” emotion for a long period of time, learn to pivot how you feel. An example would be when you get frustrated or angry, become aware of the frustration or anger (the not FEELing so good), acknowledge it and then move beyond it, (ask yourself how the emotions serves you)this is a very simple act in itself once you realize that the frustration is just “you” telling you to “pay attention” go in the other direction, make a change. This is growth and expansion and as you actually acknowledge the “contrast”, or as we humans say “negative” emotions, you become more aware of the “not so FEEL good” place and you actually can shift or pivot away from the contrast quicker. 
We have a variety of emotions (feelings) they are here to serve you, to help you in living a wonderful joyous life. Will there be sadness, anger, frustration? Yes, AND you are becoming MORE AWARE when these emotions “show up” AND you can change how you feel. When you understand this you allow and then let go, remember, your emotions serve you, you do not serve your emotions.
What is your 2012 going to look like? What is you tomorrow going to look like? Are you going to go there in fear? in sadness? in not knowing? or do you CHOOSE to go there in happiness? Love? Joy? Peace? FEEL it today! KNOW it today! LOVE it today! You will be so amazed at how YOU show up!
You are eternally loved!

“where ever you go, there you are”
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”

Squirrels and Other Shiny Objects – How to Start and Follow Through With Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

1) Visualize where you want to go
Visualize how you want your life to look when everything you want right now, is in your life. It is proven that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what we call reality and fantasy so when we visualize, daydream or fantasize, we are actually sending messages to our subconscious mind of what we like and how we see ourselves. When you feel good about any situation and can “see” it in your life, you have actually released the thought of “your life” and have only to watch it to show up in your life.

2) Make a daily task list of things you know you will do
Make a master list of things that you want to get done, do not put a deadline on this list, just make the list. Now, take the list and choose two or three things to do for the day, these are things you must do and feel good in doing them. Leave the master list, check off what you accomplish, add to it when needed. 

3) Follow Through on at least one major goal a day
Take a look at your list above and be sure to complete 1 major goal a day. This goal could be doing some research, calling someone you have been putting off or someone who may have some information or answers you could use. Make this goal a “stretch” like your first blog post or write some copy for your website or cleaning out a closet.

4) Give yourself a pat on the back for completing tasks and ALL successes
Always give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, a completion of a task, any and ALL successes big or small. Never belittle any of your work no matter how small or big, always be happy about what you have accomplished, every step is a step toward your goal. A lot of a little can get you big results.

5) Become aware of and Appreciate what starts showing up in your life
When you follow these steps you will become more aware of people and things showing up in your life. You may label much of this coincidence and you should know that you are the one that asked for all of the “help” so why not appreciate it and utilize it to get you one step forward. When you appreciate your life and all that is in it then you are actually asking for “more” to come into your life. More of what you are asking. More harmony. More joy.

You may think these things may have nothing or very little to do with improving or changing your life but I assure you they are everything to do with change.

These steps can be applied to just about any area of your life.

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Anna Banguilan is an artist, graphic artist, law of attraction facilitator, spiritual humorist, author and speaker.
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”

who are you?

Did ever catch yourself saying “I never asked to be born”!! Well, here is a little eye opener… YES you did! 
You wanted to get into a physical body and have awesome life experiences because you KNEW that it didn’t matter what your experience is here on earth in this time and space, it would be contrasty and delicious and fun and crazy and all of the things that make up the definition of life!
Go Ahead.. ASK the questions… relish in the answers… they should exhilarate you… make you smile…BIG!

Question 1….
Who Am I? Who Are You?
Answer:WE are the further-est most extension of Source…Universe or God (pick one or use your own title or name).
You are a powerful creator. You are able to shape your life with a single thought that is pure energy and translate into a vibration. You have but to BELIEVE in your abilities and you will see physical shifts happening before your eyes. YOU ARE ONE with the Universe… YOU are connected to an amazing power … FEEL it!
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”

Start Here…

You start from where you are right now! It is all you have.
You may want some “thing” else AND as you long for “it” you only push it away for all you are focusing on is “the lack” of this thing. 
In life there is wellness and the lack of wellness, prosperity and the lack of prosperity, joyfulness and the lack of joyfulness etc. you get the picture… AND which one are you LOOKING at? Which one are you focusing on? 
FEELING the wellness brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of wellness (sickness) only brings you more of that…
FEELING the prosperity brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of prosperity (being broke..the “I can’t afford syndrome”) only brings you more of that…
FEELING the joyfulness brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of joyfulness (sadness, depression etc.) only brings you more of that…
How do you FEEL? The idea is to always look for the “better feeling” thought…
don’t look at the problem, look at THE SOLUTION, LOVE the solution!
Love your self!!
You ARE a magnet and LIKE attracts LIKE… what are you attracting?
Wanna change it?
Start Here…

Where IS the power of prayer?

I notice that people focus on Prayer and God and it is usually around “not so good circumstances” like illness or death.
My question IS Why not PRAY EVERYDAY, in a GOOD way? Appreciate AND Pray!
Pray Everyday – to elevate the energy (food) that you put
into your body.
Pray Everyday – for guidance in your everyday affairs & goodness
Pray an appreciation for what you have, what you are doing, where you are going right now! 

Keep your prayers LIGHT AND FREE AND be open to RECEIVING the answers, the answer may not come to you in the “obvious” way, the answer can take on many different forms.
Source, God, Universe has a sense of humor AND ALWAYS gives you what you ask for and then some. So, what are you ASKING for?

Disregard the “HOW” just “ALLOW” AND “KNOW” that IT is on its way!

“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”

A Lil’ Inspiration!!

This day is almost done and today I have witnessed, participated and acknowledge a beautiful co-creation/manifestation.
I AM aware of the amazing gifts and beauty this little person has to offer. 
I look forward to the lessons she will teach me and those whose lives she will touch. 
She is not even 1 day old in physical form yet she has touched so many and for many their lives will be very different from here on out. 
Her energy creates worlds and softens hearts.
She is truly amazing and total proof that when you THINK you HAVE IT ALL, life opens up and hands you another gift of love, AND life truly does get better and better when you BELIEVE it IS better and better.
To my children who are my teachers and my inspiration, I AM better for having you in my life.
I AM appreciating my beautiful family, a gift beyond measure and a love so big there is no true words to describe the feeling, it IS just that, A Feeling and I Love You!

The One Sure Thing

Many times, we, in our human state want everything to stay as it is
AND the only thing we can be sure of is there will be change in our
lives. It is how gracefully we handle that change that will create our
lives, we can go into the change kicking and screaming, again, that
serves no one, or we can relax into it, knowing that change is good,
sometimes we may not see the good in it at the moment AND when we
become aware, we will see that the very change that we cursed can
really be our blessing, so if you can know that in advance you will
set YOUR INTENTION for a better outcome, a better now…BE the change!