Single Mindedness!!

When you expand yourself into this dense human form you actually create a state of “single mindedness” not in the sense that you are only doing one thing, as you are not, in any moment you are breathing, thinking, feeling, moving, and so many other things that you are not even aware of.. Cell growth to flying… What we are saying, compared to your Source self, you are focusing on the “human” aspect of living. In this single mindedness you are very aware of the newness of many things, from the growth of a flower to the contrast and expansion of your everyday. Some humans are more aware than others. Regardless of THE AWARENESS the growth and expansion happens anyway… you created it that way and so it is…

We want to really help you understand this value and tremendous power in Being human… many do not give themselves credit and do not feel worthy of their existence here… not from their Source selves from the very “learning”(paradigms) that are brought forth in this physical lifetime… so many of you know the beauty of being Source AND you must understand that as Source your expansion is different… from this perspective (Source) you see everything as vibration AND you KNOW everything as vibration, there is no “newness” that you come to understand as human understands. You can create as Source AND yet, you create with this “single mindedness” on such an awesome level as a human and then you get to actually interact, play with your creations, thus, more expansion… as Source in your human understanding, we already KNOW everything, in human form we would say, I am bored, that is why we focus into our human perspectives. We say this only to help you understand our perspective and yet for humans bored is contrast, for Source it is exhilaration to expand and project into human form to create on a human level that is an adventure, inspired, loving, FEELING, delicious.
You speak of loving food, enjoying the eating of various flavors, experiencing the smells, the taste, texture and as Source it is a pleasure we only perceive through the human experience… exhilaration!
You speak of communicating with others, as Source we are ALWAYS communication, always connected, as humans you are connected, yet allowing yourself the “disconnect” for element of surprise… your words are harsh or loving (contrast), you only have to speak them and you can alter a perception, create an emotion, the very power and beauty of the word is so delicious!
You speak of making friends being connected with other humans, yet you know you are always connected with everything and everybody and as human you can make your choices and create anyone or anything into your experience, simply by thinking a thought and layering the emotions upon it… again creating into your very own experience others who are similar in their thinking, similar in their emotions and as like minds are gathered, there are many groups of “like minds” on many subjects being created by other beings… do you notice now that whatever you are focusing on “shows up” and there are similarities in those things? Who do you think magnetized these things? AH LOVE!
So back to single mindedness, it is you being physically focused, it is youmanifesting, creating, maintaining, breathing… Being in all that there is… now that you are AWARE that you create this… all of this, it truly IS MORE exhilaration AND growth AND expansion… you REALLY KNOW the gift that you give yourself, the give of Being here, the gift of contrast… to grow and expand… the gift of sharing with other energies so that you can co create and share experiences for even greater expansion.
You are amazing humans, we have the aerial view, you do the inspired work so that we can all be in a state of bliss, through your growing, we are all growing, as Source, as humans it IS living life to its fullest…

You are infinitely loved…

Lil’ Nuggets

If you are still looking externally for your answers … the answers are within you
The solutions are truly in each of use… We are self contained on this journey! 

Even when you think you may be alone, you are not. 

You are much more than you think you are and more powerful than you probably give yourself credit. (Do YOU know that you are soooo WORTHY?)

You must focus on what you want in a way that just the thought brings you happiness and ONLY in that happiness you can receive what you want
You can not receive the things you say you want in a state of anger or sadness, for only in that state you create MORE of what you do not want.

“life is a journey, be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”
In Joy!