i gotta whole bag of Shhh, if you need some help…

I have been fascinated by Reiki and have been really paying attention to what is happening and my FEELINGS.
I found this simple technique to be quite AMAZING with “Letting Go” of negative “stuff” in my life….
Try it out and see how you feel. Give your self at least 10-15 minutes a day….twice a day if possible..

1. Be QUIET (Shut up). Shhh, not a word – it’s not necessary.
2. Listen. Shhh, not a word, be quiet – it comes as a whisper.
3. Slow down. Shhh, not a word. Right now there is nothing else you need ‘to do’. Just ‘be’ here, now.
4. Observe. Shhh, be silent.

SEE colors, movements, shadows, mannerisms, spaces, time, grass grow.

LISTEN to noise, silence, whispers on the wind, your breath, your inner voice…

If you have trouble quieting your mind at first, put on some relaxing music and just LISTEN.

Can’t be quiet cold turkey? Try this..

Get yourself something to drink…juice, coffee, tea AND SIP IT!! Don’t gulp, take time to enjoy…IN SILENCE

Pet an animal…IN SILENCE. You actually don’t need to verbally communicate with your pets, they “sense” your energy and will respond accordingly…

Take time for you and see how easily your life flows!!