Everything is perspective & illusion, change the way you see, say & think and you will change your life.
When we view someone or something with negative emotion, we are giving ourselves a signal that we are not being true to our inner selves (it really has nothing to do with the other person or thing, that is just what we are looking at or using as our objective of negativity).
TURN IT AROUND…instead of dwelling on the negative, ask yourself…what is the postitive aspect(s) of this person or thing. FEEL the ease that flows through you when you even just ask the question, now answer the question, feel the negativity start to fade…now list or give more.positive aspects of this person or thing and you will find your entire PERSPECTIVE of this person or thing start to shift, soon you may even have a big smile when thinking about this person or thing.
Create a notebook or journal of people, places, things. Take a page for each, put a name or place or thing at the top of the page then list the POSITIVE aspects of the person, place or thing. Do this when you get frustrated or mad or sad…FEEL how things will turn around….
“curious…very curious”
This is 1 of several processes as told to us by Abraham
check out http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ for more yummi LOA info