I woke up this morning with this thought, so clear…to me any way.
If you are NOT getting the results you want, how are you looking at it?… are you viewing it from a place of lack? or are looking FORWARD to when you WILL get what you want and you can see yourself there with the very thing(s) in the very space that you have been dreaming about?!
Take a moment and see yourself already there, already driving the new car, living in the new house or YOU just BEING HAPPY…FEEL how it FEELs, FEEL how you FEEL!! Work yourself into a FEEL GOOD place about it!
I know sometimes the thoughts about the lack and “oh whoa is me” creep up, I will tell you that you cannot totally eliminate these thoughts but you CAN OVERRIDE THEM, think something new…think “what if for the better”.
What if I find the better job or opportunity to push me ahead, what if i see my partner, friend, lover, kids, in a different light and they are happy. When you catch yourself playing the what if in the negative, turn it around, catch yourself and think, say or do, the opposite.
Be easy on yourself, changing your thoughts and habits is not always an easy process but when it happens you will FEEL such a shift in your thinking, it IS amazing.
Start where you are, your past does not dictate your future, you are magnificent!
“What if” I’m right?