Squirrels and Other Shiny Objects – How to Start and Follow Through With Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

1) Visualize where you want to go
Visualize how you want your life to look when everything you want right now, is in your life. It is proven that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what we call reality and fantasy so when we visualize, daydream or fantasize, we are actually sending messages to our subconscious mind of what we like and how we see ourselves. When you feel good about any situation and can “see” it in your life, you have actually released the thought of “your life” and have only to watch it to show up in your life.

2) Make a daily task list of things you know you will do
Make a master list of things that you want to get done, do not put a deadline on this list, just make the list. Now, take the list and choose two or three things to do for the day, these are things you must do and feel good in doing them. Leave the master list, check off what you accomplish, add to it when needed. 

3) Follow Through on at least one major goal a day
Take a look at your list above and be sure to complete 1 major goal a day. This goal could be doing some research, calling someone you have been putting off or someone who may have some information or answers you could use. Make this goal a “stretch” like your first blog post or write some copy for your website or cleaning out a closet.

4) Give yourself a pat on the back for completing tasks and ALL successes
Always give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, a completion of a task, any and ALL successes big or small. Never belittle any of your work no matter how small or big, always be happy about what you have accomplished, every step is a step toward your goal. A lot of a little can get you big results.

5) Become aware of and Appreciate what starts showing up in your life
When you follow these steps you will become more aware of people and things showing up in your life. You may label much of this coincidence and you should know that you are the one that asked for all of the “help” so why not appreciate it and utilize it to get you one step forward. When you appreciate your life and all that is in it then you are actually asking for “more” to come into your life. More of what you are asking. More harmony. More joy.

You may think these things may have nothing or very little to do with improving or changing your life but I assure you they are everything to do with change.

These steps can be applied to just about any area of your life.

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Anna Banguilan is an artist, graphic artist, law of attraction facilitator, spiritual humorist, author and speaker.
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”

who are you?

Did ever catch yourself saying “I never asked to be born”!! Well, here is a little eye opener… YES you did! 
You wanted to get into a physical body and have awesome life experiences because you KNEW that it didn’t matter what your experience is here on earth in this time and space, it would be contrasty and delicious and fun and crazy and all of the things that make up the definition of life!
Go Ahead.. ASK the questions… relish in the answers… they should exhilarate you… make you smile…BIG!

Question 1….
Who Am I? Who Are You?
Answer:WE are the further-est most extension of Source…Universe or God (pick one or use your own title or name).
You are a powerful creator. You are able to shape your life with a single thought that is pure energy and translate into a vibration. You have but to BELIEVE in your abilities and you will see physical shifts happening before your eyes. YOU ARE ONE with the Universe… YOU are connected to an amazing power … FEEL it!
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”

Start Here…

You start from where you are right now! It is all you have.
You may want some “thing” else AND as you long for “it” you only push it away for all you are focusing on is “the lack” of this thing. 
In life there is wellness and the lack of wellness, prosperity and the lack of prosperity, joyfulness and the lack of joyfulness etc. you get the picture… AND which one are you LOOKING at? Which one are you focusing on? 
FEELING the wellness brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of wellness (sickness) only brings you more of that…
FEELING the prosperity brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of prosperity (being broke..the “I can’t afford syndrome”) only brings you more of that…
FEELING the joyfulness brings you more of that, FEELING the lack of joyfulness (sadness, depression etc.) only brings you more of that…
How do you FEEL? The idea is to always look for the “better feeling” thought…
don’t look at the problem, look at THE SOLUTION, LOVE the solution!
Love your self!!
You ARE a magnet and LIKE attracts LIKE… what are you attracting?
Wanna change it?
Start Here…

The One Sure Thing

Many times, we, in our human state want everything to stay as it is
AND the only thing we can be sure of is there will be change in our
lives. It is how gracefully we handle that change that will create our
lives, we can go into the change kicking and screaming, again, that
serves no one, or we can relax into it, knowing that change is good,
sometimes we may not see the good in it at the moment AND when we
become aware, we will see that the very change that we cursed can
really be our blessing, so if you can know that in advance you will
set YOUR INTENTION for a better outcome, a better now…BE the change!

“The 7 Days of Play”

During the next 7 days, pay close attention to what you say, and how you FEEL when you are speaking.
Pay attention to your thoughts, what are you saying when you are “saying” nothing at all (Just thinking).

When you FEEL yourself feeling not good about what you are thinking or you emotionally get caught up in a conversation (in a not pleasant way), make a conscious effort to change, what you are saying AND thinking.
Here is an example, as I am writing this, the first thought that entered was “7 Day Challenge”. The word challenge didn’t FEEL so good to me, I didn’t want to make this a difficult thing, I just wanted to make it FUN.
So I changed my “challenge” to “Play”, much nicer I think!!

I play at this all the time, take a moment, change a word or two or reword an entire sentence. Get rid of some not so pleasant words you use on a daily basis … I can’t, I won’t, I NEED TO…., soften these up…if you have children, notice what you say to them AND around them, they are absorbing everything!!
Here are some other ideas I tossed around.
7 Days of Support (To me this sounds kind of heavy)
7 Days of True Answers (I like this one too AND how many will listen? AAAh, you may have a few epiphanies)

Have fun, keep a little journal of some breakthroughs. 
I would love to hear of any inspirations, discoveries, whammies, unveiling visions (Pick a word that FEELS good to you!!)
Life IS what you make it!!
Have FUN!!!
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”