Pay Me What I Am Worth!?

How many of us have said this as some sort of affirmation and/or maybe we said this to ourselves as we chatted with a potential client or boss!? I certainly raise my hand to all of the above. I am also experiencing a different perspective on my value and my perception on being paid.  Sometimes our “payment” is not money. Sometimes that payment is in knowledge and experience. Are you starting to see where I am going?

I used to see patterns in how my clients would pay me and now I realize that I created those patterns and was getting exactly what I was looking at and “expecting”.  It was not a conscious expectation, it was a comfort in my level of worthiness and confidence, or should I say an uncomfortable comfortableness! I get to make the choices in my life about how and what I get paid and the value that I place on me.(Key word is CHOICE)

I too, am constantly shifting and expanding on an amazing journey of self awareness and I would like you to join me!

I have recently met a gentleman by the name of Soul Dancer (YES, his real name) and he wrote a book titled “Pay Me What I Am Worth”, it IS about all of the above and it is a book of expansion, of getting to know your self worth. I AM on a journey with several other folks, to not only expand our confidence, it is to truly reach out and BE the examples so others can say, Me too, Me too!! I am placing a link to a “Reality Radio” Series. I am coming in on the 4th show, please feel free to listen in, send feedback, if not to me, to Soul.

Remember that “this life is YOUR journey, be happy and confident in where you are and watch where it takes you!”