Ready Now?

You are here to RE-discover what YOU already KNOW as source energy.
You grow EVERY time from this experience-regardless of the knowledge of what you are all calling “The Secret”.
There is no good or bad, there is only contrast. It is all very simple yet as humans we make it complicated.
I say “we” as “we” are both human and non-human-ALWAYS existing ALWAYS here, WE understand everything so when we are in this physical form we “shut off” the greater knowing…to have the greater knowing and BE physical would not be “fun”. 
You would have no contrast, no growth, AND “we” would BE “boring” with no “new” experiences and THAT IS why we are here, that is why we are physical, this IS the visceral experience, the delicious part of living as physical human.
You are so wanting this “humanness” like you want a ride on a roller coaster, chocolate or anything that makes your mouth salivate.
This is the idea of what it is like when you are conscious and aware AND infinite KNOWING ALL and KNOWING that you are projecting yourself into physical form. 
Regardless of the contrast, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the negativity because THAT is the spice of humanness… never good, never bad… JUST ENERGY & CONTRAST AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!
It makes the world go ’round …. LITERALLY!