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Hi, I’m Anna and I have been an entrepreneur since 1986, co-creating in the graphic design, print and promotions industries. I enjoy brainstorming with individuals and small businesses and helping them use off and online strategies to grow themselves and their companies. Come take a look around and when you are ready, come play!
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In Absolute Joy and Appreciation!

Conversations That Make A Difference

I  am very blessed to be a contributing author in a #1 best selling book called “Conversations That Make A Difference, Stories Supporting a Bigger Vision”

It is a co-creative experience of over 20 authors, including Rita Davenport and Sharon Lechtor!
The stories will make you laugh, cry, cheer, get inspired and move forward!
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In Joy!


Energetic Being

It is my pleasure to share this short film by my nephews Joey Kopanski, starring his brother Jake Kopanski.

Energetic Being is an experimental narrative that explores the concept of meditation by connecting with one’s “energetic being”, accompanying them on their journey into the self-conscious.

Featuring | Jake Kopanski
Original Music | Joey Kopanski
Special Thanks | Jon Kopanski Justin McEver Anna Banguilan Jimmy & Joyce McEver

Shot on location in the heart of Atlanta and the brushland of Adairsville.

Choose The Change!

What journey are you on? Is it by your choice? Are you leading your life or is your life leading you?

My motto is, “be happy where you are and watch where it takes you.”
In this moment you have a choice to hang on to your stories from the past or to let them go.
You have a choice to grow and expand into the amazing person that you already are!
You have a choice to BE HAPPY, BE JOY, BE LOVE or not.
I resisted the notion, for quite some time, that I was a teacher. I realized that when i make a choice to be an example, I AM BEing the teacher. What do I teach? I teach you how to find those keys inside of you that unlock the treasure of who you truly are.
I teach how to shift perspective. Make choices that empower. How to BE of service, first to yourself, and then to others.
You’ve heard BE THE CHANGE. To BE IT, you must first CHOOSE IT!

Who knew life and business could be so easy!

Sign me up for fun!

Identifying my dreams and goals were never a question, however, manifesting my dreams was an obstacle that I was not sure I could hurdle.

Through affirmative consciousness and being open to unlimited possibilities I was able to start pursuing my dreams.  Thank you Anna for teaching me the power of consciouness and  how to manifest my dreams into reality. Within one year of working with Anna I have manage to start my own business and create amazing opportunites for myself and those around me.–

I am an Anna Fan!!!!!!!
Julie Osborne

Comedian/ Entertainer, J.O.E. Entertainment

Anna has a no nonsense, laughter filled approach to get clients to the playful side of life.
Anna knows Law of Attraction and how to zero in on the best life has to offer, no matter the external circumstances, If change for expansion is what you’re looking for, Anna is the coach for you.
Eliza Bill

Intuitive Channel, Co-Host LOA Blend with Alyssa & Elizabeth on Universal Energy Radio

“I would walk through fire to get to Anna and her family if I had to do it. Every time we have worked together, it has been a positive experience. Anna includes her family in the business we have shared together. She definitely has a circle of warmth around her while she seemingly effortlessly gets business done. She has involved my family in business too. Anna’s style makes for strong bonds and motivates others to go the extra mile with her.”
Diana Burdette

Chemist and Group Leader, EPA

” I truly value your opinion and I thank you so much for believing in me”
I just want to take the time to tell you how much your guidance and your support has meant to me on this journey called life. For the past 3yrs, you have helped me with design work, branding my business, marketing consultations, life shifts and above all a wonderful friendship. When I met you I was at a point where I was ready for a transition from corporate america to allowing my inner designer to come out and play.

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Lisa Collins

Textile & Handcraft Jewelry Artisan , Brown Suga Chic, LLC.


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