I notice that people focus on Prayer and God and it is usually around “not so good circumstances” like illness or death.
My question IS Why not PRAY EVERYDAY, in a GOOD way? Appreciate AND Pray!
Pray Everyday – to elevate the energy (food) that you put
into your body.
Pray Everyday – for guidance in your everyday affairs & goodness
Pray an appreciation for what you have, what you are doing, where you are going right now! 

Keep your prayers LIGHT AND FREE AND be open to RECEIVING the answers, the answer may not come to you in the “obvious” way, the answer can take on many different forms.
Source, God, Universe has a sense of humor AND ALWAYS gives you what you ask for and then some. So, what are you ASKING for?

Disregard the “HOW” just “ALLOW” AND “KNOW” that IT is on its way!

“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”