“The 7 Days of Play”

During the next 7 days, pay close attention to what you say, and how you FEEL when you are speaking.
Pay attention to your thoughts, what are you saying when you are “saying” nothing at all (Just thinking).

When you FEEL yourself feeling not good about what you are thinking or you emotionally get caught up in a conversation (in a not pleasant way), make a conscious effort to change, what you are saying AND thinking.
Here is an example, as I am writing this, the first thought that entered was “7 Day Challenge”. The word challenge didn’t FEEL so good to me, I didn’t want to make this a difficult thing, I just wanted to make it FUN.
So I changed my “challenge” to “Play”, much nicer I think!!

I play at this all the time, take a moment, change a word or two or reword an entire sentence. Get rid of some not so pleasant words you use on a daily basis … I can’t, I won’t, I NEED TO…., soften these up…if you have children, notice what you say to them AND around them, they are absorbing everything!!
Here are some other ideas I tossed around.
7 Days of Support (To me this sounds kind of heavy)
7 Days of True Answers (I like this one too AND how many will listen? AAAh, you may have a few epiphanies)

Have fun, keep a little journal of some breakthroughs. 
I would love to hear of any inspirations, discoveries, whammies, unveiling visions (Pick a word that FEELS good to you!!)
Life IS what you make it!!
Have FUN!!!
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you”

i gotta whole bag of Shhh, if you need some help…

I have been fascinated by Reiki and have been really paying attention to what is happening and my FEELINGS.
I found this simple technique to be quite AMAZING with “Letting Go” of negative “stuff” in my life….
Try it out and see how you feel. Give your self at least 10-15 minutes a day….twice a day if possible..

1. Be QUIET (Shut up). Shhh, not a word – it’s not necessary.
2. Listen. Shhh, not a word, be quiet – it comes as a whisper.
3. Slow down. Shhh, not a word. Right now there is nothing else you need ‘to do’. Just ‘be’ here, now.
4. Observe. Shhh, be silent.

SEE colors, movements, shadows, mannerisms, spaces, time, grass grow.

LISTEN to noise, silence, whispers on the wind, your breath, your inner voice…

If you have trouble quieting your mind at first, put on some relaxing music and just LISTEN.

Can’t be quiet cold turkey? Try this..

Get yourself something to drink…juice, coffee, tea AND SIP IT!! Don’t gulp, take time to enjoy…IN SILENCE

Pet an animal…IN SILENCE. You actually don’t need to verbally communicate with your pets, they “sense” your energy and will respond accordingly…

Take time for you and see how easily your life flows!!


Ready Now?

You are here to RE-discover what YOU already KNOW as source energy.
You grow EVERY time from this experience-regardless of the knowledge of what you are all calling “The Secret”.
There is no good or bad, there is only contrast. It is all very simple yet as humans we make it complicated.
I say “we” as “we” are both human and non-human-ALWAYS existing ALWAYS here, WE understand everything so when we are in this physical form we “shut off” the greater knowing…to have the greater knowing and BE physical would not be “fun”. 
You would have no contrast, no growth, AND “we” would BE “boring” with no “new” experiences and THAT IS why we are here, that is why we are physical, this IS the visceral experience, the delicious part of living as physical human.
You are so wanting this “humanness” like you want a ride on a roller coaster, chocolate or anything that makes your mouth salivate.
This is the idea of what it is like when you are conscious and aware AND infinite KNOWING ALL and KNOWING that you are projecting yourself into physical form. 
Regardless of the contrast, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the negativity because THAT is the spice of humanness… never good, never bad… JUST ENERGY & CONTRAST AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!
It makes the world go ’round …. LITERALLY!

The Journey of life

1) You have to make YOU happy..if you rely on someone else to do this for you, you are in for big upsets.
2) YOU CANNOT CONTROL OUTSIDE CIRCUMSTANCESdo i need to repeat that?? This is our number one biggest hangup…we want someone to do something for us first or be a certain way, THEN we will be happy…ahhh..be happy first and then notice what people do for you and then appreciate them for it and tell them so….
3) whatever you think about you become…if you continue to think the way you have always thought, you will continue to get, what you have always got…
4) Wether you tell yourself you can or can’t, you are always right…
5) Your thoughts are things, CHOOSE THE GOOD ONES!
6) Tell those around you that you love and appreciate them and tell them in a BIG WAY!! You never know when at a moment either of you could be taken out of this physical world!!

Sometimes in the craziness of life, we just need to stop and take a look at where we are, right now, this moment and be thankful. 
Sometimes that is not an easy thing to do, but i PROMISE, if you take that little bit of info and practice it a little each day, you will see a change, a shift, not only in how you think, but how you feel.
I am not into telling stories, not the kind that are full of oh whoa is me. 
What i will tell you is i have had my moments (months) of dispair, anguish, fear, depression, anxiety. There was the grief counseling and the MDs wanting me to take anti-drepressants, i got on line to find “help” groups etc. What i found was MORE of that…and i didn’t want MORE of that…then the pray, pray, pray….then the LORD JUST TAKE ME NOW!!!
What happened next was the answer, Christmas 2007, i was given the most wonderful gift by my friend Mary. Mary gave me a book and a CD. The book was “Power of Emotions” by Abraham-Hicks and the CD was also by the same authors and about death and dying and grief.
While i was reading the book there was a “lightbulb” moment for me…and it is that you have to be happy and joyful WITHIN yourself first, get there by any means. 
You can not be totally in dispair and in a moment be totally happy. It is a process….take small steps.
I woke up each morning and decided to find something, ANYTHING to make me happy, my partner, my son, my home, my studio ANYTHING!!!
On my way to my studio i would look at the sky and say THANK YOU, one morning i noticed new grass on the side of the road and it was the most amazing green…
i started appreciating where i was, not where i had been and then i could see where i was going.

What happened to me will happen to all of us at some time in our lives and that is to lose someone we love dearly.
I lost one of my best friends, my mom. I now realize that when i was in a place of grief and dispair, i wasn’t in a place of connecting with her on a different level. Now i feel her energy around me and it makes me happy! 
If i could go back and change it all?? YES, i miss her physical hugs the most. Obviously i can not and i KNOW she wants us, her family, to be happy and i am living up to that.
..oh mom, in life AND in physical death, you are still teaching me…THANK YOU!! i appreciate you ALWAYS!!

The Bible reveals “The Secret”… WHAT?

The question in my mind and others is, how do religion and “law of attraction” work together?
“Law of Attraction” IS the basis of ALL religion.
It is the very foundation that our FAITH is based on…BELIEVING in a higher power, BELIEVING in a greater good. That GOOD IS YOU, BELIEVE IN YOU, the higher power, Source, Universe, God work through you, you ARE an extension of God.
Law of Attraction IS a law, just like gravity IS a law, it works all the time, everyday, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The following are pulled from the Bible…BELIEVE it..or not…

For a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…Proverb 23:7

Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive…Matthew 22:21

Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Mark 11:23

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phil. 4:8

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be open unto you. Matthew 7:7

What are you asking for? What do you appreciate? What do you believe? How do you feel? What are you thinking?

You are a creator, you can be a DELIBERATE creator…
Have fun, God has a BIG sense of humor!! Well, that is my opinion and I’m sticking to it!!

What If for the Better

I woke up this morning with this thought, so clear…to me any way.
If you are NOT getting the results you want, how are you looking at it?… are you viewing it from a place of lack? or are looking FORWARD to when you WILL get what you want and you can see yourself there with the very thing(s) in the very space that you have been dreaming about?!
Take a moment and see yourself already there, already driving the new car, living in the new house or YOU just BEING HAPPY…FEEL how it FEELs, FEEL how you FEEL!! Work yourself into a FEEL GOOD place about it!
I know sometimes the thoughts about the lack and “oh whoa is me” creep up, I will tell you that you cannot totally eliminate these thoughts but you CAN OVERRIDE THEM, think something new…think “what if for the better”.
What if I find the better job or opportunity to push me ahead, what if i see my partner, friend, lover, kids, in a different light and they are happy. When you catch yourself playing the what if in the negative, turn it around, catch yourself and think, say or do, the opposite.
Be easy on yourself, changing your thoughts and habits is not always an easy process but when it happens you will FEEL such a shift in your thinking, it IS amazing.
Start where you are, your past does not dictate your future, you are magnificent!
“What if” I’m right?

Your Story

It doesn’t cost anything to be hopeful.
It doesn’t cost anything to tell a positive story.
It doesn’t cost anything to dream the dream, to tell the story!
It doesn’t cost anything to tell the story.

And you know what? You tell that story often enough, you’ll believe it!

And when you believe it, you’re in the vortex. And the Universe has to give
it to you.

If there’s something that you want, and you’re not getting it, it’s only
because you don’t believe it. And you say, “I believe it.” And we say, “You
can’t believe it, because if you believed it, you’d be living it.”

And you say, “I sort of, kind of, believe it on rare occasions.”

You gotta give it more air time!!!

Excerpts from Denver 7/12/08 Abraham-Hicks (thing you want the universe to solve, make that intention. )

Oh, I forget to tell you the SECRET, if you don’t already know….the big secret, and you have had it all along, is that you have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has the infinite power to help get what you want. 
If you want to get scientific about it, we are all energy, our bodies & especially our minds. Once you learn to “believe” in what you tell yourself you will override the negative thoughts and actions, you will become a magnet to what you want and it will be as easy as breathing. (Your subconscious mind controls your breathing)

Affirmations are a great way to help reprogram your subconscious mind.
Acknowledge your successes, little ones as well as big ones
Take compliments with a simple “Thank You”, 
Give genuine compliments with no expectations

Here are some statements/affirmations…they are whatever you would like to call them, when you see a “_______________” insert your own words:

For Aquiring things

“That_________is mine. I accept it mentally, and my subconscious sees to it thet I receive it.”

For Relationships
“I am wanted, I am loved, I am happily________to a kind, loving and spiritual_______I am secure and fullfilled”

As you read or say these statements, do it with feeling AND be open to receive…
as above, it cost nothing to tell the story, so why not tell it the way YOU want it to be.

Know This.

The answers ARE within YOU. You are your own treasure chest, all you need is the key

“The Key” is the ability to program your subconscious mind, once you understand how to change your paridigms, YOU WILL change your life.

“Believe” in the good, wellness, inspiration, strength, and prosperity and your subconscious mind will give you just that…

Believing is seeing

Everything is perspective & illusion, change the way you see, say & think and you will change your life.
When we view someone or something with negative emotion, we are giving ourselves a signal that we are not being true to our inner selves (it really has nothing to do with the other person or thing, that is just what we are looking at or using as our objective of negativity).
TURN IT AROUND…instead of dwelling on the negative, ask yourself…what is the postitive aspect(s) of this person or thing. FEEL the ease that flows through you when you even just ask the question, now answer the question, feel the negativity start to fade…now list or give more.positive aspects of this person or thing and you will find your entire PERSPECTIVE of this person or thing start to shift, soon you may even have a big smile when thinking about this person or thing.
Create a notebook or journal of people, places, things. Take a page for each, put a name or place or thing at the top of the page then list the POSITIVE aspects of the person, place or thing. Do this when you get frustrated or mad or sad…FEEL how things will turn around….
“curious…very curious”
This is 1 of several processes as told to us by Abraham
check out http://www.abraham-hicks.com/ for more yummi LOA info