This post is more of an observation of my day, now that i am MORE aware of my thoughts AND how they make me feel.
Let me start by saying my partner is a natural child birth instructor and doula, basically she is “on-call” for her expectant moms…AND as birthing is now (i just found out), apparently, a non-stoppable event, our days have been filled with working our studio, classes, and leisure time around pregnant folks and due dates that are not locked in stone.
Well, just before one of my LOA meetups (lastnight), the “super doula” hotline goes off, and, i have now been a single parent for over 24 hours.
Me, being a recovering workaholic, i am now playing “only” parent to a toddler who doesn’t keep time, have an organizer, cel phone, client list, class schedule or (as i observed) does what he wants to do, when he wants to do it… hmmm…what a concept…My first thought was “MY LIST”…of things to do…i did accomplish quite a bit before he even woke up but it is only thursday and i’m adding more than subtracting.
I did rearrange a few appointments and i set my intentions that when he did get up we would HAVE FUN, PLAY, …no hurry no rush, just relax into it, go with him, have fun!
My observation was/is by doing this “going with the flow” it seemed that the time stood still for us. We were both happy, laughing, smiling, we read 2 books, brushed teeth etc. My appreciation went from happy to ecstactic. What an amazing morning AND an amazing day. We took our time, enjoyed our time together, when it was time to head out, i had no complaints from him, we ran errands, made it to the studio and the day seemed to flow “like butter”.
When you FEEL hurried or rush, take a moment, STOP, enjoy that moment, be in that moment, resume what you are doing when you feel better…then watch your day turn…it is amazing.
You are where you are AND it’s ok!
Here’s another process you can use…Abraham calls it the “Placemat Technique”.
When you have a list that seems overwhelming….
Take a piece of paper and on the left side write down the things that YOU WILL DO that day, not everything you need to do but truly what you promise you will do, then on the right side make a list for “God”, “Source”, “The Universe” to do…You’ve heard the saying “Let Go, Let God”…let it go…
My appreciation for the day…i appreciate the expectant families who allow me wonderful one on one time with my son!