Change is the one thing many people are afraid of, yet it IS the most consistent thing in our lives. Most of us don’t notice the changes because they are either baby step changes or slow changes and we just let it happen to us. 
FACT: You will change (whether you like it or not) If you don’t think so just look back on the last month, year, 5 years, 10years…don’t stay there long..but just notice, oh so briefly, the CHANGES that have happened. Now come back to the present with me…Why not GUIDE your changes? How? change the way you think about things. Start right now to LISTEN to the “mind chatter” what are you saying to yourself? What “stories” are you telling yourself AND other people. Are they positive, uplifting stories? are they negative fearful or hateful stories? Are they stories like “oh whoa is me?” Are you caught up in someone else’s story? When I write story I mean you, you, and only you! YOU are the ONLY one YOU can control & change. YOU have the power to change YOU and no one else. If your stories or conversations are positive and uplifting GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up. If your stories or conversations are of any other nature…turn it around…not happy with your boss? What are your bosses good qualities? Lost your job? Instead of moping around, start thinking of what you REALLY want to do…don’t come from a place of lack…come from a place of infinite possibilities!!
Life is like a lemon so squeeze the daylights out of it!!! (In a good way of course)
Have A Great Day!!