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Love | Life Gets Better and Better
The Faith that Creates

The Faith that Creates

My hope is that everyone is doing well and shifting into a place of excitement and curiosity with what is going on in the world. A massive transformation is happening and when we can experience it from a place of love, joy, kindness and compassion we receive more of that in our lives. I understand that being in that space of ease and grace is not always easy. Especially now on our planet. Notice how the world has been made “uncomfortable” so that perhaps we can assess our own “uncomfortable comforts.” What are we hanging on to that doesn’t feel good? Do we have no faith or trust that God (Source, Universe) has our back.? It’s the very faith that creates. It’s the trust that allows the new. We have been play a bit of tug-of-war with our emotions (our vibration) so we receive that in the world. Choose gratitude for what you have and where you are right now. See the beauty in the world as it changes and shifts. Find that mirrored beauty, faith and trust within yourself. You are more powerful than you really know. You are beautiful and amazing. You are patient kind and loving… use I AM’s and make these statements your own. It is a process to be acknowledge in your Super Conscious Mind, Infinite Intelligence!

Just “Ask and it is Given.” 💕

Observation Mode

Observation Mode

THOUGHTS 365 | When you are feeling the contrast in your human living. STOP what you are DOing and take a step back so that you can easily detach from the emotion that is welling up inside. Take 3 deep breaths and then allow yourself to observe the situation. Choose to be detached. What are the questions that arise from the situation. What is the solution that arises from the situation.

You bring to you the situations to expand you. You will continue with similar until YOUR expansion is met.

THOUGHTS 365 are thoughts from Source that come through during meditation. They generally answer a question or open up an awareness or different perspective.

A Lil’ Inspiration!!

This day is almost done and today I have witnessed, participated and acknowledge a beautiful co-creation/manifestation.
I AM aware of the amazing gifts and beauty this little person has to offer. 
I look forward to the lessons she will teach me and those whose lives she will touch. 
She is not even 1 day old in physical form yet she has touched so many and for many their lives will be very different from here on out. 
Her energy creates worlds and softens hearts.
She is truly amazing and total proof that when you THINK you HAVE IT ALL, life opens up and hands you another gift of love, AND life truly does get better and better when you BELIEVE it IS better and better.
To my children who are my teachers and my inspiration, I AM better for having you in my life.
I AM appreciating my beautiful family, a gift beyond measure and a love so big there is no true words to describe the feeling, it IS just that, A Feeling and I Love You!

Ready Now?

You are here to RE-discover what YOU already KNOW as source energy.
You grow EVERY time from this experience-regardless of the knowledge of what you are all calling “The Secret”.
There is no good or bad, there is only contrast. It is all very simple yet as humans we make it complicated.
I say “we” as “we” are both human and non-human-ALWAYS existing ALWAYS here, WE understand everything so when we are in this physical form we “shut off” the greater knowing…to have the greater knowing and BE physical would not be “fun”. 
You would have no contrast, no growth, AND “we” would BE “boring” with no “new” experiences and THAT IS why we are here, that is why we are physical, this IS the visceral experience, the delicious part of living as physical human.
You are so wanting this “humanness” like you want a ride on a roller coaster, chocolate or anything that makes your mouth salivate.
This is the idea of what it is like when you are conscious and aware AND infinite KNOWING ALL and KNOWING that you are projecting yourself into physical form. 
Regardless of the contrast, regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the negativity because THAT is the spice of humanness… never good, never bad… JUST ENERGY & CONTRAST AND A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!
It makes the world go ’round …. LITERALLY!