who are you?

Did ever catch yourself saying “I never asked to be born”!! Well, here is a little eye opener… YES you did! 
You wanted to get into a physical body and have awesome life experiences because you KNEW that it didn’t matter what your experience is here on earth in this time and space, it would be contrasty and delicious and fun and crazy and all of the things that make up the definition of life!
Go Ahead.. ASK the questions… relish in the answers… they should exhilarate you… make you smile…BIG!

Question 1….
Who Am I? Who Are You?
Answer:WE are the further-est most extension of Source…Universe or God (pick one or use your own title or name).
You are a powerful creator. You are able to shape your life with a single thought that is pure energy and translate into a vibration. You have but to BELIEVE in your abilities and you will see physical shifts happening before your eyes. YOU ARE ONE with the Universe… YOU are connected to an amazing power … FEEL it!
“be happy where you are and watch where it takes you!”