A Lil’ Inspiration!!

This day is almost done and today I have witnessed, participated and acknowledge a beautiful co-creation/manifestation.
I AM aware of the amazing gifts and beauty this little person has to offer. 
I look forward to the lessons she will teach me and those whose lives she will touch. 
She is not even 1 day old in physical form yet she has touched so many and for many their lives will be very different from here on out. 
Her energy creates worlds and softens hearts.
She is truly amazing and total proof that when you THINK you HAVE IT ALL, life opens up and hands you another gift of love, AND life truly does get better and better when you BELIEVE it IS better and better.
To my children who are my teachers and my inspiration, I AM better for having you in my life.
I AM appreciating my beautiful family, a gift beyond measure and a love so big there is no true words to describe the feeling, it IS just that, A Feeling and I Love You!

The One Sure Thing

Many times, we, in our human state want everything to stay as it is
AND the only thing we can be sure of is there will be change in our
lives. It is how gracefully we handle that change that will create our
lives, we can go into the change kicking and screaming, again, that
serves no one, or we can relax into it, knowing that change is good,
sometimes we may not see the good in it at the moment AND when we
become aware, we will see that the very change that we cursed can
really be our blessing, so if you can know that in advance you will
set YOUR INTENTION for a better outcome, a better now…BE the change!